Neurologik makes it easier and faster to design solutions, manage product and solution knowledge, and empower partners.


Design better solutions faster, much faster!

Speeds up the solution design process, enabling your team to respond quickly to requests, reducing wait times, and cutting down on manual tasks.


Retain all products, solutions, and competitive knowledge in the database

Keeps your products, solutions, and competitive information safe, ensuring it will always be available, even when staff changes happen.


Have direct conversations with channel solution designers

Provides partner solution designers with the tools they need and will use, to surpass traditional marketing efforts, directly enhancing sales results.


Distribute product and solution data across your channel

Streamlines the process of distributing product information, centralizing the flow from one source to multiple endpoints while customizing it for each target's specific format and schema needs.


Solution design channel partners enablement

Equips partners with tools for product and solution configuration, reducing pre-sales team workload. It promotes partner independence, making your products more attractive and competitive.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Acceleration

Simplify Mergers and Acquisitions with Unified Product Data Management.


1. Design better solutions faster, much faster!

Neurologik streamlines pre-sales by offering tools that speed up responses and improve their quality, reducing manual efforts and making sure no sales opportunity is missed.

  • Rapid Response: Cuts down response time from days to hours, enhancing responsiveness to inquiries.
  • Quality Assurance: Guarantees high-quality responses to all types of requests, increasing client trust and satisfaction.
  • Efficiency Gains: Optimizes the pre-sales process for quicker and more accurate responses, shortening the sales cycle and increasing the chance of winning opportunities.

2. Retain all product and solutions knowledge in database

Neurologik safeguards crucial product and solution knowledge in a database, ensuring information stays within the company, even with staff changes.

Key pros:

  • Knowledge Preservation: Keeps a centralized database of products, solutions, and industry knowledge that all team members can access, maintaining expertise continuity.
  • Rapid Onboarding: Helps new employees learn quickly, reducing the time needed for training and helping them become productive sooner.
  • Operational Resilience: Protects against the impact of personnel changes, keeping operations and sales strategies effective and continuous.

3. Have direct connection with channel solution designers

Neurologik equips solution designers with tools to easily create solutions from your products, offering direct access to key sales drivers without traditional marketing costs

  • Tools for Solution Designers: Provides the right tools to those designing solutions, streamlining the creation process.
  • Direct Access to Sales Influencers: Allows direct communication with individuals who have a real impact on sales, bypassing ineffective marketing channels.
  • Reduced Marketing Expenditure: Eliminates the need for spending on events and webinars, focusing resources on direct engagement with solution designers.

4. Distribute product and solution data across your channel centralizes and simplifies the distribution of product data, focusing on customizing information formats to match each partner's system needs.

  • Centralized Data Control: Maintains consistent and accurate product information from a single source for all channels.
  • Customizable Delivery: Prioritizes adapting data formats to specific partner system requirements without costly integrations.
  • Efficient Information Flow: Assume full control over the data distribution process across channels, ensuring data is not only shared efficiently but also aligns perfectly with partner systems.

5. Solution design channel partners enablement

Neurologik's platform boosts partner capability by providing tools for easy product configuration and solution-building, lightening the load on pre-sales teams. It enables partners to independently handle sales processes, making products easier to sell and more attractive in the market.

Key pros:

  • Reduced Pre-Sales Workload: Reduces internal pre-sales team workload, as partners can self-serve themselves.
  • Ease of Sale for Partners: Makes your products the preferred choice for partners due to ease of sale.
  • Enhanced Market Reach: Improves accessibility and sales through channel partners, expanding market presence and competitive advantage.

6. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Acceleration

Neurologik helps organizations engaged in mergers and acquisitions, by synchronizing various versions of product data across all systems and parties, including ERPs, PIMs, CRMs, and more.

  • Product Data Unification: Seamlessly merges diverse product data from different systems and parties into a single format during M&A for immediate use, control and sharing.
  • Integration Efficiency: Accelerates the integration of different systems (ERPs, PIMs, etc.) post-M&A, cutting down years of potential integration work.
  • Partner Empowerment: Quickly equips partners with a unified product catalog, boosting post-merger sales and market penetration.

What’s inside


NLK ProductHub

NLK ProductHub simplifies manufacturers' processes with tools for product data management and partner enablement.

It improves efficiency, enabling internal teams and channel partners to easily configure and market products.

This platform reduces manual work, speeds up proposals, and empowers sales influencers for greater success.

  • ProductHub crafts perfect product data
  • ProductHub optimizes current product data
  • ProductHub enables crafting product configurations and solutions
  • ProductHub offers consistency inside organization and across sales and marketing channels

NLK MarketingHub

NLK MarketingHub simplifies marketing for manufacturers by offering tools for digital marketing and partner collaboration.

The product simplifies marketing tasks, speeds up campaign deployment, and fosters stronger partnerships for improved market reach.

  • MarketingHub Offers web building blocks for own website and for partner/distributor websites
  • MarketingHub Offers shareable product catalogues
  • MarketingHub Offers any document from a template, in any language
  • MarketingHub Offers automated data sharing and delivery

NLK SalesHub

The specialized CPQ for manufacturers plus market intelligence platform

Enabling sales and channel teams to sell more with the help of best-in-class product configurator and insights about every project they are involved in

*Product is under development.


Scale you business

  • Increase revenue and win over competition
  • Increase the company capacity to sell
  • Cut product data maintenance and website costs by a minimum of 50%, optimizing efficiency and reducing overhead

Share all the value of your products with the team and channel

  • Share all the product information with the team and channel
  • Transform your products into bundles, variants, configurations and solutions
  • Understand all the product information gaps and fill it
  • Intuitively model products from the ground up or top-down
  • Sync your product data with partner data schemas and ontologies through customized data pipelines

Get control of you data and channel

  • Get all actual product and marketing data from the one place
  • Manage all your channels
  • Allow your partners to self-serve themselves
  • Cut web-site cost by at least 2x

Win more deals and increase deal size

  • Improve response quality, winrates and average deal size
  • Dramatically accelerate response times
  • Collaborate with channel partners on every customer request for enhanced service efficiency
  • Reduce onboarding time and accelerate revenue generation for new sales and pre-sales employees
  • Distribute real-time product data internally and to all third-party sales channel partners