Empower Your Channel Partners With the Ultimate Self-Serve Solution

Just as Mercedes enables customers to configure their dream cars, IKEA empowers individuals to design personalized kitchens, and Nike offers customizations for shoes and apparel, ExternalHub brings self-serve convenience to your channel partners.


With ExternalHub, your partners can effortlessly explore and leverage optimized product catalogs, create product bundles, configurations, and solutions, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Elevate collaboration, streamline project registration, and deliver automatic updates.

Empowering your partners to excel in their projects.

What's Inside the ExternalHub


Manual Search Optimized Product Catalogs

  • Optimized for manual searches, going beyond traditional keyword-based queries. They are designed to understand customer intent and provide comprehensive information about regulations, and project types.

  • By leveraging this advanced search capability, channel partners can quickly find the right products and solutions to meet their specific needs and ensure compliance with construction regulations in different countries.

Sellf-Service Product Configuration Capabilities

  • Partners can easily create product bundles, configure various options, and build complete solutions tailored to customer's needs.

  • ExternalHub puts the power of customization in the hands of your channel partners, fostering their independence and allowing them to deliver tailored solutions to customers.


External Marketing Repositories

  • Provide external partners with access to approved marketing data and assets, enabling them to effectively promote and sell your products.

Project Registration Capabilities

  • Streamline project management and collaboration by offering project registration capabilities, allowing partners to register and track their projects within the platform.


Automatic Project Updates

  • ExternalHub keeps your channel partners informed with real-time updates on product changes, With automatic project updates, partners can confidently navigate complex projects, make informed decisions, and deliver accurate proposals to customers. Plus, if better product options become available, ExternalHub proactively offers these alternatives, ensuring partners leverage the most advanced solutions.

Automatic Feeds

  • ExternalHub simplifies managing product lifecycle changes through automatic feeds. Partners receive timely notifications about EOL, EOSupport, EOSale, etc for relevant products.

  • This streamlines product transitions, reduces manual effort, and keeps partners up-to-date with the latest product availability and support status.

  • Additionally, ExternalHub intelligently recommends improved product options or replacements, empowering partners to offer the best solutions to customers.