Neurologik's MarketingHub is a powerful tool for marketing teams to enhance product visibility and partner engagement. It simplifies content management and distribution.

Key Features


Web Building Blocks

Easy-to-use templates for creating consistent, branded websites.


Shareable Product Catalogs

Enables partners to access and customize product catalogs, ensuring brand consistency.


Document Templates

A range of templates for quickly creating marketing materials.


Automated Data Sharing

Utilizes APIs for efficient and consistent product information distribution across channels.


Unique Offerings

Centralized data management combining MDM, PIM, DAM, and CMS.

Streamlines content creation with customizable templates.

Pre-integrated system that reduces the need for separate tools.

Enhances partner autonomy with shareable, customizable product information.

Supports a broad range of languages and regional market needs.

MarketingHub addresses challenges such as disconnected systems, inconsistent branding, and inefficient content creation that are common with other platforms. Unlike competitors, it offers a pre-integrated stack combining PIM, MDM, DAM, and CMS, facilitating a unified approach to data management and marketing.

Be the Master of Your Data

NLK MarketingHub enables marketing teams to efficiently centralize, organize, and harness the full potential of their data for more impactful marketing strategies
  • Centralize and Organize Your Data with Ease

    Our platform provides a specialized Master Data Management (MDM) + Product Information Management (PIM) + Digital Assets Management (DAM) + Content Management System (CMS) solutions, offering a single source of truth repository.

    It automatically gathers and updates data from all relevant sources, enabling you to manage and organize your data efficiently.

  • Master Product Data at Your Service

    For marketing managers, MarketingHub provides ready-to-use, comprehensive data from ProductHub.

    This rich integration includes detailed product attributes, configurations, and variants. You can use this data directly or transform it for various systems like CMS, websites, and PDF documents.

    Leverage this adaptable, pre-integrated information to craft precise, impactful marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

  • Streamlined DAM Data Integration

    Synchronize your DAM (Digital Assets Management) data model with your product model automatically. Connect unstructured data like images, videos, and documents without manual SEO or descriptions.

    Our system aligns your digital assets with product data, simplifying asset management


Example of data transformation and usage: A security camera's lens length can be auto-formatted in multiple ways for different document types: 'Lens length: 12 mm', 'Lens (mm): 12.0', 'Fixed focal lens (12mm) with HFoV 36 deg', etc. Choose the format that suits your needs.


Build Your Corporate Website with Ultimate Shareable Product Catalogues

Empower your channel partners with reusable web building blocks. They can leverage these blocks to create their own customized websites, aligning with your branding and maintaining consistency across the entire distribution network.
  • Effortless Website Construction with Building Blocks

    NLK MarketingHub provides pre-designed building blocks that make website construction a breeze. Choose from a variety of customizable templates and components to create a stunning website that reflects your brand identity and engages your audience.

  • Automated Population of Full Product Data

    Say goodbye to manual data entry!

    NLK MarketingHub seamlessly populates your website with up-to-date product data, ensuring that your offerings are accurately represented without the need for manual updates.

  • Beyond Catalogs: Configuration and Solutions

    NLK MarketingHub goes beyond simple product catalogs. It enables you to showcase product configurations, bundles, and complete solutions. Present your offerings in a way that meets the unique needs of your customers.

  • SEO-Ready Product Descriptions, Pages, Images and Documents. In Any Language

    Drive organic traffic to your site by utilizing content optimized for search engines, improving rankings, and boosting discoverability.

  • Personalized Regional Product Catalogs

    Tailor your product catalogs to specific regions and markets with NLK MarketingHub.

    Deliver personalized experiences to your audience by showcasing relevant products and information that resonate with their specific needs.

Transform Your Product Data into Dynamic Documents

  • Effortlessly Create Customized Documents with Templates

    NLK MarketingHub offers a wide range of customizable templates that allow you to combine different parts of product information according to your specific requirements.

    Create any document you need, whether it's product brochures, spec sheets, or marketing collateral, with ease.

  • Seamless Integration of Product Information

    With NLK MarketingHub, the product information prepared by your product managers in ProductHub is instantly available in MarketingHub for production use. Say goodbye to manual data transfers or time-consuming processes. Keep your document content up-to-date without any hassle.

  • Streamline Feedback and Approval Processes

    Provide feedback and collaborate directly with product managers within the same NLK MarketingHub tool. Share your insights, suggestions, and changes, and obtain their approval to share the documents with the world. Streamline the feedback loop for efficient collaboration and document management.


Empower Self-Service for Internal Teams and External Partners

  • Effortless Sharing of High-Quality Product Information

    With NLK MarketingHub, sharing high-quality product information between internal teams, and external users, is no longer a challenge. Seamlessly collaborate and exchange accurate and up-to-date data across your organization and outside of it

  • Enable Data Reusability for Your Partners

    NLK MarketingHub empowers your partners to easily reuse your product data as their own. Provide them with the necessary tools and access to leverage your product information, enabling them to create their own customized marketing materials and deliver a consistent brand experience.

  • Automated Data Sharing with Seamless Integration

    NLK MarketingHub allows you to effortlessly share your data automatically using APIs and product feeds. Seamlessly integrate with various systems, including CRM, ERP, websites, social media platforms, email marketing tools, and more. Share your product information across multiple channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your marketing ecosystem.

    Seamlessly integrate with various systems, including CRM, ERP, websites, social media platforms, email marketing tools, and more.

    Share your product information across multiple channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your marketing ecosystem.

MarketingHub: Values and Highlights


Corporate Website with Shareable Product Catalogs, and Reusable Building Blocks for Partners

NLK MarketingHub revolutionizes your corporate website with easy-to-use, customizable building blocks and shareable product catalogs.

Enhance your brand's online presence, empower channel partners with reusable elements for consistent branding, and drive organic traffic with SEO-ready content.

Personalize product offerings for diverse markets, ensuring a tailored and impactful customer experience.


Centralized and Up-to-Date Data from Multiple Sources

NLK MarketingHub brings together all your data from various sources into one centralized location, ensuring that it is always up-to-date. Say goodbye to data silos and easily access accurate information from across your organization.


Self-Serve Capabilities for Internal Teams and External Partners

NLK MarketingHub enables self-service for both internal teams and external partners. Empower them to access and utilize the platform's features, facilitating efficient collaboration and fostering strong relationships.


Automated Product Information Sharing via APIs and Product Feeds

Seamlessly share your product information across different platforms and channels with NLK MarketingHub's automated data sharing capabilities. Utilize APIs and product feeds to share your data automatically, improving efficiency and ensuring consistency.