Neurologik addresses the need for accurate, accessible product data management and surpasses competitors by offering a platform that not only manages but also creates perfect product data, enabling businesses to enhance their sales process and market presence effectively.

How ProductHub Works

  • Create

    Craft precise product data and configurations with ease.

  • Unify

    Centralize all product information, providing a single source of truth.

  • Govern

    Maintain control and ensure data quality and compliance.

  • Personalize

    Product data format can be changed/adapted prior to data consumption.

  • Share

    Product data format can be changed/adapted prior to data consumption.

  • Synchronize

    Automates the delivery of product data to partners' IT systems, ensuring real-time, consistent data availability across different platforms.


Key Features of Neurologik's ProductHub


Centralized Product Data

Unifies product information, making it accessible and up-to-date for both internal teams and partners.


Product Selectors

Develop advanced product selection graphs, a standout feature of ProductHub, enabling limitless product configurations and intuitive selection paths for users.


Custom Product Configurations

Enables the creation of tailored product bundles and configurations based on user intent.


Channel Enablement

Eliminates manual data customization, allowing scalable, high-quality product data distribution tailored to each partner's unique system


Seamless API Integration

Streamlines data integration into various internal and external IT systems, automating and personalizing data delivery for efficient system synchronization.


Global Market Reach

Supports multiple languages and regional catalogs, helping manufacturers to scale globally. Neurologik API is fully multilingual.

ProductHub: Craft Master Product Data, Configurations, and More Effortlessly Share with Teams and Partners, Slash Maintenance Time, and Eliminate Friction


Friction is anything that slows the customer down when buying your products and we can choose to introduce it or not. But just remember, friction costs you money.

Buyers now prefer to work with sellers who align their process to the Buyer’s process*

*Research by McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, And the Sales Force Training Firm The Rain Group

4 Types of friction


Product info friction

Full product data not available in one place, not actual or non discoverable to internal teams and external partners


Business systems friction

Systems and channels are as disconnected internally as they are externally


Purchase friction

Up to date information not available to your channel and peers: stock availability, EOL, actual tech specs, product updates, etc


Discovery friction

Most of the sales start with internal discovery by customers or partners. If they are struggling to even find the right products, not talking about correct bundles, configurations, and solutions - they will not buy

ProductHub: Your Path to full Product Data

  • Streamlined Product Data Enrichment

  • Crafting Custom Product Bundles, Configurations, Variants, and Solutions

  • Seamless API Integration with Internal and External Systems

  • Cut Product Data Management Time by Half or More

ProductHub Data Forms the Foundation for Internal and External Teams and Other NLK Products

  • Transform Your Website into a Global Self-Service Portal

  • Ensure 100% Proposal Accuracy

  • Boost Market Visibility and Sales Effectiveness

  • Amplify Product Discoverability in the Channel

Friction costs $325Bn annualy only to APAC companies.*

*Boston Consulting Group + Facebook IQ Report.

Streamline Product Data Enrichment

  • Create, Integrate, and Centralize Product data

    Create or import product data from various sources

  • Define and Update Product Attributes

    Easily define, create, and update product attributes to ensure consistency and accuracy across your entire product catalog.

  • Monitor Data Completeness

    Identify data gaps, enrich missing information, and monitor the completeness of product data for better decision-making.

  • Identify Data Gaps and Optimize Data Enrichment

    Our platform breaks down data enrichment into smart tasks and reminders, allowing you to assign them to your team members or outsource workers. Monitor ongoing activities effortlessly and ensure a continuous improvement process.


With NLK ProductHub, product managers can effectively manage the product lifecycle, share updates internally and externally, and leverage collaborative workflows to streamline product enrichment processes.


Crafting Custom Product Bundles, Configurations, Variants, and Solutions

  • Create and Model Your Products

    This includes comprehensive product data with hundreds of attributes, data for product configuration, product variants, and product bundles.

  • Initial Implementation with NLK Consulting Team

    Benefit from expert guidance from NLK's consulting team during the initial setup of the NLK product model.

  • Ready-to-Use for Internal Sales and Marketing Teams and Channel Partners

    Upon implementation, product bundles, variants, and configurations become instantly accessible to your internal sales and marketing teams, as well as your channel partners.

    This fosters efficient collaboration and consistent messaging across all touchpoints.

  • Automated Creation Based on Customer Intent

    NLK's computational model enables the automatic generation of product bundles, configurations, and solutions aligned with customer intent. This intelligent automation ensures that customer-specific requirements are met, enhancing the overall customer experience and streamlining the sales process.


With NLK's product models, manufacturers harness the power of PIM, MDM, and CPQ technologies to seamlessly create, customize, and automate product configurations, variants, and solutions.

This results in a more tailored and efficient sales approach, elevating customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Seamless API Integration with Internal and External Systems

  • Data Sharing via APIs

    Share your data internally and externally in its native format, eliminating the need for file transfers.

    NLK ProductHub seamlessly integrates with various systems, including CPQ, CRM, ERP, CMS, support bots, product recommendation systems, search engines, and more.

  • Version Control

    NLK ProductHub efficiently manages all product versions, ensuring that the precise version required for a given product is seamlessly shared through APIs.

  • Any Language + Regional Catalogs

    NLK ProductHub supports an unlimited number of languages and allows you to create regional localized catalogs.

    Our APIs enable you to effortlessly share these tailored catalogs with any desired endpoint.


NLK ProductHub simplifies data sharing with seamless API integration, eliminating the need for file transfers.

Our platform boasts robust version control, ensuring precise product versions are shared.

We offer versatile language localization options, allowing you to create tailored catalogs for effortless sharing with any endpoint.


Cut Product Data Management Time by Half or More

  • Data-Driven Strategies are at the Core of Effective Decision-Making

    When all your data, from multiple languages and regulation zones to product details and configurations, resides in a single Master Data system, it becomes the foundation for making informed decisions.

  • Experience a Staggering Reduction in Product Creation and Update Times, Often by as Much as 90%

    With all product data, versions, and languages consolidated in one place, updating existing products or introducing new ones to your catalog becomes a streamlined process.

  • Effortlessly Share Your Data with Both Internal and External Teams

    Empower your sales team with comprehensive data for effective selling.

    Enable your marketing team to create impactful campaigns, and provide external partners with self-service access to the information they need.


With NLK's ProductHub, data-driven decision-making becomes the norm, and product data management is significantly expedited, empowering your teams and partners for enhanced productivity and effectiveness.

Transform Your Website into a Global Self-Service Portal

  • Automatic Data Creation for You Website

    When you have all product data prepared website data will be created almost automatically in any language and for all regions.

  • Real Self-Service Capabilities on Your Website

    Integrate product selectors and product configurations to a website, allowing customers and partners to search, select, configure. save, and share your products based on their needs.

  • Global Presence

    NLK ProductHub supports unlimited number of languages of the website itself and unlimited number of localized product catalogs in the countries with different regulations.

  • Cut Website Costs by 50-75%

    Automation, APIs and AI will dramatically reduce your website costs.


With NLK's ProductHub local manufacturers can easily go global and global manufacturers can improve their online presence.

Ensure 100% Accuracy in Your Proposals

By understanding all applicable constraints and considering every aspect of the configured product.

From customer needs and product limitations to country regulations, EOL/EOS limitations, and stock availability.

NLK ProductHub configurator empowers you to create precise and tailored proposals.

By automating the configuration process and capturing all relevant information, you can provide accurate proposals, quotes and BOMs to meet customer requirements.

Say goodbye to manual errors and embrace streamlined quoting with our solution.


Boost Market Visibility and Sales Effectiveness

  • Access to Full and Up-to-Date Product Data

    Your peers and internal teams gain access to comprehensive and current product data through NLK's SalesHub and ExternalHub.

    This ensures that they have the necessary information to effectively respond to customer requests and inquiries.

  • Seamless Integration with CRM, ERP, and Business Systems

    NLK's solutions seamlessly sync with your internal CRM, ERP, and other business systems, ensuring that all data is synchronized across your organization.

    This integration eliminates data silos and ensures a consistent and accurate view of product information.

  • Empowerment for RFPs, RFQs, BOMs, and Customized Solutions

    Implementing NLK's SalesHub and ExternalHub empowers your internal teams and external partners to confidently respond to RFPs, RFQs, BOMs (Bill of Materials), and prepare customized solutions based on project requirements and real customer intent.

    This streamlines the sales process, increases efficiency, and improves overall sales effectiveness.


By leveraging NLK's SalesHub and ExternalHub, manufacturers can provide their internal teams and external partners with the tools and resources needed to enhance market visibility.

Effectively respond to customer inquiries, and prepare tailored solutions.

This enables them to sell more products, meet customer requirements, and drive business growth.

Amplify Product Discoverability in the Channel

  • Partner and Distributor Utilization of Product Data

    NLK's solutions enable partners and distributors to leverage your product data as their own.

    This allows them to effectively market and sell your products with accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing their ability to reach target customers.

  • Self-Service Access to Product Bundles, Configurations, and Solutions

    NLK's solutions provide self-service capabilities for partners, enabling them to access and utilize product bundles, configurations, and solutions. This empowers them to quickly respond to customer demands and customize offerings based on specific requirements.

    This empowers them to quickly respond to customer demands and customize offerings based on specific requirements.

  • Successful Product Searches in the Channel

    NLK's solutions facilitate seamless communication with channel partners through APIs.

    This enables real-time updates and ensures that partners are continuously informed about product changes, availability, and other relevant information, fostering a collaborative and efficient partnership.

  • Seamless Communication via APIs

    NLK's solutions facilitate seamless communication with channel partners through APIs.

    This enables real-time updates and ensures that partners are continuously informed about product changes, availability, and other relevant information, fostering a collaborative and efficient partnership.


By leveraging NLK's solutions, manufacturers can enhance their product discoverability in the channel, empower partners with self-service access to product data, succeed in product searches, and establish effective communication channels with channel partners. This ultimately drives increased sales, market reach, and overall business success.

What's inside ProductHub



Effortlessly manage, enrich, and distribute product information across your organization with our specialized PIM solution.

Centralize data, enhance accuracy, and enable seamless collaboration for efficient and effective sales and marketing operations.



Gain control over critical data with our MDM solution.

Ensure accuracy, consistency, and reliability of essential information, facilitating informed decision-making across your organization.



Effortlessly organize, integrate, and associate a diverse range of digital assets including images, graphics, documents, audio, and video. Our DAM solution streamlines asset management for enhanced accessibility and utilization.



Efficiently manage and organize digital content, from images and videos to text and documents, with our user-friendly and intuitive CMS.

Seamlessly integrate content across various platforms, enabling streamlined collaboration and content delivery.

ProductHub Features with Comparison to Other PIM Vendors

FeatureNeurologik AdvantageAverage Vendor Offering
Content OnboardingCrafts error-free product data for immediate use, bypassing the common import pitfalls.Relies on standard data import, with off-system preparation.
Content GovernanceContinuous enforcement of governance rules ensures consistent product information company-wide.On-demand data governance enforcement as part of data quality workflow.
Content EnrichmentPrepares digital assets for optimal use, enriching them with meaningful metadata.Basic enrichment with digital assets, less tailored for complex setups.
Distribution ChannelsNLK can push product data to any channel (API, DB, file) in any language. To keep your data timely and accurate everywhere. No-code API personalization.Connects to popular e-commerce platforms. All customization needs to happen outside of platform by developers.
Search & FilteringIntroduces search by solution, industry, intent, and product configurations to match user needs, greatly enhancing find ability.Basic search features based on keywords and attribute filters that may not fully align with user search behavior.
Data QualityContinuously evaluates and improves data quality, setting a high standard for information accuracy.On-demand quality checks to ensure data meets standards.
User ExperienceOffers an intuitive interface that incorporates all product knowledge in one holistic view.Table based UI with workflows and many sub-pages for data editing.
Market AdaptabilityNo limits regarding products, versions, configurations, languages and connections to other systems. Ready to any changes by design.Limits in products, attributes, variants, languages, and not ready to change without development help.
ComplianceEnsures compliance by incorporating regulatory attributes and enabling search functionality for regulation compliance.Regulatory and compliance data is treated as text. No special tools available.
Cost EfficiencyReduces manual workloads significantly, aiming for a clear ROI through process optimization.Potential for efficiency, but often dependent on additional manual data handling.
Partner IntegrationFully personalized APIs for every partner destination. enable to integrate partners smoothly, without additional developments costs.Preconfigured e-tail channels are ready to use. Channel destination data integration is based on developers. Flexible but costly.
Global OperationsIncludes regional product catalogs, comprehension of local regulations, and multilingual data for partners.Language support available, but may lack depth in international regulatory expertise.
Product ConfigurationUnlimited number of variants and versions, with cross-linked limitations. suitable for the most complex products.Typically only 2-4 variants of attributes limited to simple products with a low amount of customizable attributes.