Change the Way You Work with Your Product Data Forever

  • Diminish internal friction by unifying data, tools, and platforms across all stakeholder roles
  • Have all you product information not at at one place, always up-to-date and ready to use inside and outside of your organisation
  • Share all product related content with internal teams and the channel and let them self-serv themselves
  • Create website components for your web presence: localized regional product catalogs, product selectors and configurators
  • Expand your business horizons effortlessly by selling on global markets as seamlessly as you do on your local market


Scale you business

  • Increase revenue and win over competition
  • Increase the company capacity to sell
  • Cut product data maintenance and website costs by a minimum of 50%, optimizing efficiency and reducing overhead

Share all the value of your products with the team and channel

  • Share all the product information with the team and channel
  • Transform your products into bundles, variants, configurations and solutions
  • Understand all the product information gaps and fill it
  • Intuitively model products from the ground up or top-down
  • Sync your product data with partner data schemas and ontologies through customized data pipelines

Get control of you data and channel

  • Get all actual product and marketing data from the one place
  • Manage all your channels
  • Allow your partners to self-serve themselves
  • Cut web-site cost by at least 2x

Win more deals and increase deal size

  • Improve response quality, winrates and average deal size
  • Dramatically accelerate response times
  • Collaborate with channel partners on every customer request for enhanced service efficiency
  • Reduce onboarding time and accelerate revenue generation for new sales and pre-sales employees
  • Distribute real-time product data internally and to all third-party sales channel partners

About Neurologik

Neurologik is an enterprise SaaS company focused on delivering exceptional value to OEM manufacturers of engineered products.

Our comprehensive offerings are strategically designed to enhance product visibility locally and globally.

Accelerate sales and marketing velocity, and minimize friction in product and solution sales processes.

We're dedicated to empowering OEM Manufacturers of engineered products by transforming how they create, share, and deliver product data with partners, customers, and systems.

Founded in 2021 and based on 60 years of combined experience of the founders.

Neurologik operates worldwide, with a primary focus on the US, Europe, Asia, and Middle East markets.

Neurologik Mission

Our mission is to redefine the architectural process, transforming how buildings are conceived, designed, and constructed.

We are dedicated to introducing a streamlined, automated approach that effortlessly converts initial intent into detailed designs and physical structures, simplifying the journey from vision to reality.